Mobile Loyalty Made Easy
Easily build a mobile loyalty scheme and connect with 
your customers in a more personal and efficient way.
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Start Your Mobile Loyalty Scheme - The Easy Way
Connect with your customers on their mobile phones with same type of 
loyalty programs such as Starbucks and big retailers without the cost.
Send Through Push Notifications
Let your customers know about special promotions and offers with push notifications. 
 Cards Are Location Aware
Your loyalty card appears on your customers lock screen at your location.
Get Detailed Analytics
Get detailed analytics of your customers behaviours and buying habits.
Designed For Apple and Android Smartphones.
Your customers will get an easy to use and convenient mobile wallet card that they will always carry with them stored in their mobile phones. The cards are elegant and offer full interaction with your business. You can offer a reward scheme or a simple discount scheme which can be changed monthly.

Isn't it about time you went mobile?
Benefits of a Mobile Loyalty Scheme
Your customers will save money, enjoy using their customer card, share your vision and will feel special and valued. Your efforts of consistently producing those positive emotional experience will be rewarded with your customer's loyalty.
  • Acquire New Customers - attract new customers to the business with a simple QR code sign up for your loyalty program.
  • Retain Existing Customers  - Loyalty programme operators report that, once a customer starts redeeming rewards or claiming discounts, enthusiasm and engagement both increase.
  • Reduce Promotional and Advertising Costs - With a smartphone loyalty scheme there is no need to send out thousands of flyers that will be thrown away unread.
  • Build Personal Relationships - Show your customers that you truly value them and build genuine relationships with them.
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value - A loyalty program can provide you with behavioural data of your customers’ buying habits which helps increase the lifetime value of your customers.
  • Increase Communication and Repeat Visits - Sending through monthly push notifications increases customers returning to your business.
  • It Makes Customers Happy - By implementing a loyalty program, you are sending a message to your current and future client base that you are interested in not only making money off of purchases, but also in a relationship with customers that is mutually beneficial.
  • Engage Your Customers on Social Media - Get your customers to sign up to your loyalty scheme through your social media accounts
How It Works - Setting Up Your Mobile Loyalty Scheme 
Setting up your loyalty scheme is very simple and can be done within 24 hours

Promoting your new loyalty scheme is very easy. 

We provide you with a flyer with a QR code that your customers scan to instantly get your loyalty card on their mobile phones.

Now more than ever, consumers rely on their mobile phones to manage their lives. There’s never been a better time to market your business to your customers mobile.

A Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program costs a fraction of traditional loyalty programs making it affordable for every business.

Step 1.

Set up a bespoke loyalty scheme for your business easily. You will be able set promotions and reward your customers.

Step 2.

Ask your customers to scan a QR code that we supply you with an instantly get your offers on your customers mobile phones.

Step 3.

Update your offers with push notifications which show up on your customers mobile lock screens.

Step 4.

Get detailed analytics on your customers behaviours and buying habits.

Loyalty Scheme pricing
One time set up fee and then $49.00 per month
  • 1,000 Wallet Cards for Distribution
  • Free Design and Set Up
  • Maximum 2 Updates Per Month
  • QR Code and Flyer for promotion
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